Eating Healthy at the Beach

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My daughters and I have Hashimoto’s (which means our body attacks our own thyroid). We eat gluten free because it helps keep our thyroid healthy. Also because we feel better without it (no stomach aches, no achey joints and better sleep). Not so hard to do when we’re at home but when we travel, it can be challenging.

We went to the beach for a marbles tournament (super cool…the 94th annual tournament in Wildwood, NJ!)  Finding healthy food was going to be a challenge at the boardwalk. So…we did a few things to ensure we felt good during our vacation:

  1. Googled healthy food in Wildwood before we left. I found a gluten free pizza shop (for the teenagers) and an organic juice bar with plenty of healthy food.
  2. I found a local Wawa (and ones on the road) so in a pinch we could make a spinach salad with protein and veggies, apples & peanut butter or a rice/bean bowl. I saved the addresses on my phone.
  3. Bought a Magic Bullet blender from Amazon so I could make smoothies in our hotel room. It was less than $30 on Amazon and the perfect size for a hotel room.
  4. Headed to out for supplies — frozen smoothie packs from Costco (Fresh Start Smoothie Blend — organic fruit & greens in 6 pouches) and canned coconut milk with pull tabs (so I didn’t need a can opener) and some Hauser Health protein powder.
  5. Scooped up organic apple slices and trail mix bags at Costco.
  6. Picked up a bunch of Lara bars – protein bars with super clean ingredients – at Wegmans.

Our vacation was better with options for eating, keeping our blood sugar stable, staying away from hangry (hungry+angry), and saving some money too! Finding gluten free and healthy options on vacation is hard but not impossible!

How to get help:

Click here if you’d like to work with a doctor who understands that to feel healthy and happy, sometimes you just need to update your frig & pantry.


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