Who Can Benefit from CBD Oil?

Who Can Benefit From CBD Oil?

You know something’s up when everyone’s talking about it. Take cannabidiol (cbd) for example.

Last April, The New Yorker featured a story about The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles, where food writer Laurie Wolf is described as one of those folks who hand out vaginal suppositories containing CBD to house guests. These CBD-laden suppositories are used to treat pain from menstrual cramps and endometriosis. Meanwhile, actress and DJ Chelsea Leyland is ramping up her crusade to support CBD oil in lieu of epilepsy drugs. The British star claims that it has truly done wonders in controlling her seizures. On top of that, the CBD market is estimated to grow by 700 percent in consumer sales by 2020.

But who can benefit from CBD oil really? Let’s take a quick look below!

CBD at a Glance

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found naturally in both the Hemp plant and the Marijuana plant.  CBD is non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive compound that WON’T actually get you high.

A growing body of research supports that CBD offers tons of health benefits— from reducing anxiety to pain relief.  Also, whether you get it from the hemp plant or marijuana plant, CBD is exactly the same compound.  It’s brother, THC, is the compound many of you have heard of, and what is responsible for the “high” when smoking marijuana.  When you extract CBD from the marijuana plant, there is always THC present, with some strains of marijuana having more THC than CBD.  But, when you extract CBD from the Hemp plant, there is less than 0.3% THC present, and therefore classified by the government as industrial hemp.

And it’s completely legal. The 2014 Farm Bill defined Cannabis Sativa containing a max of 0.3% of the single cannabinoid THC as “industrial hemp” and therefore legal in all 50 states.

Who Is CBD Oil For?

Based on established research findings, CBD oil has been shown to benefit the following individuals and patient subgroups:

  • Individuals Suffering from Cancer — Published in the Current Oncology journal last year, a scientific paper about integrating cannabis into clinical cancer treatment revealed that cannabis and cannabinoids are useful in managing symptoms related to cancer and its treatment. These symptoms include pain, nausea, and lack of appetite. Conversely, the same paper posited that there is no solid evidence to support claims (yet) that concentrated cannabis oils can cure cancer.
  • Individuals Suffering from Epilepsy — In a study presented at the American Epilepsy Society (AES)’s 70th Annual Meeting this year, the researchers found that oral cannabidiol (CBD) was effective in reducing both the frequency and severity of seizures in both children and adults. It’s worth noting that the Epilepsy Foundation urges individuals exploring any treatment for their epilepsy (as permitted under their state law) such as CBD oils to work with their primary care physician. As earlier mentioned, British actress Leyland has been exclusively taking CBD oil in lieu of her anti seizure medications. The celebrity reported that there had been no insomnia, anxiety, and seizures since taking CBD oil exclusively.
  • Individuals Suffering from Chronic Pain — Topical application of CBD has been shown to possibly reduce chronic pain associated with arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Individuals with Severe Anxiety and Depression — It has been shown that CBD induces antidepressant-like effects similar to the antidepressant imipramine. If you’re curious about CBD’s anti-anxiety effects, a fitness editor over at PopSugar wrote about her 7-day experiment with CBD oil to manage her anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Individuals Suffering from Acne, Psoriasis, and Similar Skin Conditions — Several skin research studies has shown that CBD treatments can potentially reduce the occurrence of acne and psoriasis.

Stoner Culture No More

As states continue to legalize marijuana (26 states and counting!), it’s only a matter of time before everyone —even your grandparents — will wax poetic about the benefits of CBD. Perhaps it’s high time to say goodbye to “stoner” culture and welcome cannabis-specific products such as CBD oil as part of your wellness kit!

If you think CBD could benefit you, send a message to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hauser.




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