Yes!…kind of. For New Patient appointments, we currently have Some Availability. If you’re flexible, we can usually get you seen within a week or two.

BUT, we don’t take everyone. Dr. Hauser and his staff decide on a case-by-case basis for each patient, to make sure we’re the right fit (please keep reading the FAQ’s). When you’re ready to find out, fill out the Contact Form.

Dr. Hauser has always offered virtual appointments as a convenience for his patients that live far away. However the arrival of Covid-19 forced us to turn to an ALL-VIRTUAL system. Trust us, once you spend an hour with Dr. Hauser on a virtual visit, you’ll never want to switch back! There’s no dressing up, finding a parking space, or waiting to be seen- just log in.

How does it work?

Scheduling your appointment is done the same way- either call our office or email us to schedule. Then, 1 day before your appointment, we’ll email you a secure link to our Zoom room. If you’ve never done a Zoom call before, it’s best to click the link when you get it so that you can set things up (we’ll send super-easy instructions). Then, 5 minutes before your appointment, click on that same link to enter our virtual waiting room. Sit back and relax and Dr. Hauser will take it from there!

Recommendations for the best “virtual” office visit:

*Be on a computer, laptop, or iPad. Avoid being on a cell phone unless absolutely necessary.

*Make sure you have a working camera and microphone- so we can see and hear each other.

*Get rid of distractions. Find a place where you can fully concentrate on YOUR issues and avoid dealing with the kids, pets, spouse, or even neighbors (yes, we’ve had neighbors interrupt sessions!)

*And most importantly, make sure you have good WiFi signal!

Yes, please! After making an appointment with Hauser Health, we will email a link to the new client paperwork with easy-to-understand instructions. Let us know if you have any problems filling out the forms.

Your New Patient Paperwork will already be filled out!

To make for the most efficient use of your time with the doctor, it is a good idea to be prepared with a list of questions and issues you wish to discuss. Also, if you have previous lab results (within the last 3 months) and reports from previous physicians, which you feel are pertinent, please bring copies of these with you to your initial visit.

If you are taking supplements or prescription medicines, these should be documented when you are filling out your New Patient Paperwork- no need to bring them to your appointment!

Best way is to fill out the form on the Contact page. The more information you’re willing to provide on the form, the better we can be at helping you.

Dr. Hauser is a Specialist (not a Primary Care Doctor) focusing on:

  • Digestive problems: IBS, Crohn’s, UC, GERD/reflux, Celiac
  • Thyroid issues: Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. (We are not accepting Grave’s patients at this time)
  • Autoimmune diseases: Fibromyalgia, MS, RA, Lupus, IBD, Parkinson’s etc.
  • Fatigue and Brain Fog, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • POTS
  • Long Covid
  • Chronic Lyme Disease (please see your PCP for immediate treatment of tick bites)
What about WEIGHT LOSS?? It’s pretty rare someone doesn’t want to drop a few pounds. We do have an Intensive Weight Loss Program but it’s not for everyone, it’s not easy, and it’s not cheap so we don’t bring it up very often or list it on the website. 
Dr. H believes that extra poundage is not a disease, but a symptom of a disease. In other words, Hashimoto’s (a disease) can lead to weight gain, Depression (a disease) can lead to overeating and weight gain (a symptom), Gut dysbiosis can lead to weight gain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autoimmune Diseases, and Inflammation in general can all lead to weight gain! (Pretty much everything leads to weight gain, right?!)

Dr. Hauser sees adults 18 and older.

Typically you can expect a three-week follow up visit to review labs after the initial consultation, however this depends on how quickly you complete your testing.

If you decide with Dr. Hauser to do specialized testing, you can plan to come in for a 30 minute follow up appointment to go over results and create a plan for each test.

After this, the amount of time determined to follow up will vary on an individual basis but once you are on your way to optimal health, you can plan on semi-annual follow up visits.

Absolutely! We have an Integrative Nutritionist who follows Dr. Hauser’s integrative nutrition approach to wellness and healthy eating. The consultations are $135 and last 50 minutes. All appointments with the Nutritionist are Virtual and done through Zoom.

Your first appointment includes an approximately 60 minute consultation with Dr. Hauser where he’ll perform an in-depth review of your history, review of recent labs and testing, supplements and medications, and any other pertinent information. At the end of the appointment, together you’ll create a Plan to get to the root of your issues, which may include Cardiometabolic and Micronutrient testing, specialty lab testing, virtual Nutritionist evaluation, and food sensitivity testing, just to name a few.

The cost for the first appointment is $645. This is for the consultation with Dr. Hauser and does not include any recommended additional testing or supplements. We do require a credit card number to hold your appointment but only charge for No-Shows and Late cancelations. An invoice will be sent the Friday before your appointment. Your payment is due prior to the appointment.

Dr. Hauser requires new patients to see his Integrative Nutritionist who will be your partner in making a plan to feel better. Included is a review of past history, food intake and patterns such as sleep, stress management, and exercise. Medications, supplements, food likes and tolerances will be reviewed, and food sensitivity testing may be recommended. 

The visit with the Nutritionist will last up to 50 minutes and costs $135.

We do accept HSA (Health Savings Accounts), Flexible Spending Accounts, and credit card payments.

Our services are completely out-of-network.

This does not mean that you cannot receive care from our office. What this means is that you will have to pay out-of-pocket for any services provided. We will provide you with a form known as a superbill to file with your insurance company so that you may seek reimbursement for your appointment expenses.  Please contact your insurance company for more details.

We want to take care of you in a way that insurance companies don’t believe. For example, we spend up to 90 minutes with our new patients – insurance companies want us to spend a fraction of that time. The average face-time in today’s medical system is 7 minutes with your doctor! We strive to provide the best customer service which includes listening to you and not rushing you through your appointment.

Since Hauser Health does not have a contract with any insurance company, we do not file forms with insurance companies. Upon request we will provide you with a receipt (known as a “Superbill“), which includes all standard information you will need to submit your claim directly to your insurance company (such as CPT codes for office visits and ICD-10  codes for labs). Some of the services provided may be “non-covered” services or not considered “reasonable and necessary” under your medical insurance. We are not able to provide diagnosis codes in advance of appointments and we do not fill out supplemental insurance forms.

Medicare- You cannot submit invoices to Medicare.  Dr. Hauser also does not participate with Tricare. We are also not a “non-participating provider.”

We encourage you to check with your insurance company regarding the specifics of your policy for out-of-network claims.

For an entertaining article on “How Doctors Get Paid”, Please check out This Link

If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please let us know 2 business days in advance.

Follow up patients who cancel or re-schedule their appointment less than 2 business days in advance will be charged 50% of their appointment cost.

We accept credit cards, health savings credit cards and flex spending credit cards. We do not accept personal checks.

Need a payment plan? We offer Afterpay! It’s a way  to pay off your bill with no interest. 

Afterpay Details here

Lab orders for blood work can be taken to either LabCorp or Quest – whichever your insurance covers. These labs must be done at an actual LabCorp or Quest facility and not at a hospital or doctor’s office.

Depending on the kit, the costs vary from approximately $200-$500.

All sales are final and there is a No Refund policy. This includes, but is not limited to, supplements and testing kits, as well as all appointments.

Yes! We offer Afterpay. 

Afterpay allows you to pay in 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks.

Afterpay Details here

Follow up visits with Dr. Hauser are $255 for up to a 30 minute appointment.

While we will strive to provide you care from the root of your illness, Dr. Hauser does not function as your primary care physician. If Dr. Hauser is seeing you, you must have and maintain a primary care physician in order to be followed at Hauser Health. We function as a specialty consultation practice.

And since we are 100% virtual, physical exams are not performed, and should be conducted annually by your PCP.

Our office is at 10 West Main St, Middletown, MD. 21769.

At this time, all appointments are virtual!

Click here for map

Monday through Thursday 9:00 am- 4:00 pm.

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