Does Dr. Google Have All the Answers?

Dr. GoogleHow many times have you turned to Dr. Google to figure out why:

  • your belly blows up like a balloon in the afternoon
  • you can’t keep your eyes open during afternoon carpool
  • you are so anxious all the time
  • you’re hands & feet are always cold
  • you have a rash on your face that won’t go away
  • you get awful headaches
  • your periods are outta control
  • you need vitamins if you eat healthy
  • kids are “dabbing” in all their selfies


3 Reasons Why Dr. Google is Great:

  1. Dr. Google can give you some good tips. Don’t drink coffee in the afternoon if you want to sleep, drink some peppermint tea to get rid of the bloating and gas, make sure you are taking cod liver oil for brain health, take magnesium to help with headaches, cramps and to keep you regular.
  2. Dr. Google is great at helping you come up with questions to ask. What labs are good for figuring out if you’re gaining weight because of your thyroid, what foods have iron in them, best recipes to help you lose weight.
  3. Dr. Google is awesome for helping you understand terms. Oh hematoma just means a bruise or tachycardia just means rapid heart rate (why don’t they just SAY that?!). What my teen means when she says “Goals AF” (I’ll let you Google that one)!


3 Reasons Why Dr. Google is NOT so Great:

  1. Dr. Google’s bedside manner. Dr. Google scares the C**P out of you and makes you think you have the C word or the T word. And then what do you do other than continue to google the heck out of it all night long until your computer battery runs out.
  2. Dr. Google doesn’t get personal. The main problem with Dr. Google is that s/he can’t help you with your specific medical history or family history. Dr. G doesn’t know that your mom also has a potato allergy and gets swollen ankles or that your iron is ridiculously low which is causing your hair to fall out.
  3. Dr. Google is all over the map. You can find 6 reasons why you are tired all the time and 6 different solutions. You can learn how to make coconut oil face cream to get rid of your rash or find out that coconut oil is going to give you a rash. HOW IS THAT HELPFUL?

If you are feeling like you get what you pay for with Dr. Google’s free advice, you may want to come to a real doctor who will listen to your specific issues, with your specific history, offer you amazing customer service and come up with a plan specific to you.


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